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Emma – is ‘haywardlane’s Girl Friday’. Emma has been with HaywardLane
for 15 years . She makes your visit to the Salon an all-round enjoyable and relaxing experience from the
moment you step through the door. Her ‘stock-in-trade’ is a charming smile, the best coffee in Bedford
and – lots of pampering during your stay. Her motto is ‘Whatever you want, whenever you need it’. In
addition to her ‘managerial, business and marketing’ qualification’s which are put to good use in managing
the day-to-day running of the salon; Emma is much in demand as ‘haywardlane’s’ fully-trained ‘Spray Tan’
specialist and a fully qualified masseuse, All in all – a real treasure and without doubt ‘in a class of her own’.
Lil graduated from Barnfield College as ‘Student of the Year’ and joined the ‘haywardlane’ team in 2002.
A superlative and prize-winning stylist, Lil is one of the salon’s inimitable treasures’. She is known for her
in-depth consultations which always result in a beautiful and manageable style that can be duplicated at
home and after taking into account your preferences she is able to give the kind of expert advice only
someone with her intense passion and precise skill can deliver. Lil excels in razor, scissor and classic
cutting techniques making her the perfect stylist to accommodate men’s cuts, as well. Lil won the coveted
‘Blackpool National Hairdressing Award’ in the ‘Weddings’ category and not surprisingly, wedding styles
are of special interest to her. Her ‘focus’ is ‘bridal beauty’. Lil’s experience and proven track record means
she knows what it takes to make sure that you look natural, flawless and stay true to your personal style
and Lil will also make sure that you have fun, your day runs smoothly and you are done on time!

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